Critically endangered herb thriving on Macquarie Island after seven-year feral animal eradication program

A critically-endangered herb once thought extinct on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island has been found growing at a new location as the world-heritage site continues its rabbit-free recovery. The remote island was declared free of pests in 2014, following a seven-year feral animal eradication project. Galium antarcticum, a type of flowering bedstraw, […]

‘Magical and antiquarian’: William Arnold’s plant portraits

Lonicera periclymenum , honeysuckle Rosa canina, dog rose Jacobaea vulgaris , ragwort Oxalis stricta, yellow wood sorrel Cardamine hirsutum, hairy bittercress Potentilla reptans, creeping cinquefoil Geranium dissectum, cut-leaved crane’s-bill Leycesteria formosa , Himalayan honeysuckle Digitalis purpurea, foxglove Angallis arvensis, scarlet pimpernel Cymbalaria muralis, ivy-leaved toadflax Hypericum pulchrum, slender St John’s […]