16 Tips to Find a Cheap Car Rental

Renting a car is usually expensive, finding a great deal gets confusing. The last time I rented a car, one of the car rental companies tried to charge me $1,800 for 4 days. While another company only charged me $700 for a similar car. By doing my homework, I saved […]

What is a Good Credit Score?

Most financial decisions you make can be summarized into a three-digit number. That one number can cost, or save, you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your life. Lenders not only decide whether to give you a loan based on this number, it also determines how good your interest rate […]

How to Get a Business Loan

I love watching Shark Tank more than I should. And I’d never go on it myself in order to raise money for my business. The terms are usually terrible. Instead of having Kevin O’Leary eviscerate my plan on national TV, I’d rather go the more traditional route and get a […]

The Best Identity Theft Protection Services

Identity theft has gotten out of hand. In 2017, a record 16.7 million consumers were victims of identity theft. It’s not a matter of if you’ll have your identity stolen, it’s a matter of when. One option is to invest in identity theft protection. Identity theft protection services include a […]

The Best Roth IRA Accounts

The 5 Best Roth IRA Accounts for 2020 Having the best Roth IRA account sets you up for future financial success. Not only will you be better prepared for retirement, but it can also be the gateway to the keystone habit of investing and saving money. As with anything personal […]

Child Tax Credits for 2020

Kids are expensive. According to the most recent numbers from the USDA, it costs the average family between $12,350 and $13,900 every year to raise a child through age 17. That includes the cost of housing, childcare, education, transportation, health care, and clothing, and more. In total, that’s over $222,000. […]

Free Credit Report – Is It Really Free?

A better credit score can save you tens of thousands of dollars. It’s one of the biggest factors in living your life on your terms. Your credit score affects your ability to buy a home, lease a car, rent an apartment, get a loan, and get the right credit card. […]

Financial Planning Guide For 2020

The key to living a rich life is taking control of your money. You don’t have to have a six-figure income or own a business to build wealth. All you need to do is have smart money-saving habits and plan for your financial future. I’ll teach you how to think […]

20 Closing Costs to Know Before Buying a House

Closing costs can be a painful surprise to new home buyers. What are closing costs? They’re a range of expenses and services when buying a home. The majority of closing costs will fall on the buyer, but the seller will be responsible for some as well. In most cases, buyers […]