The Best Time to Buy a TV

For most of my twenties, I didn’t have a TV. Me and my long-time girlfriend huddled over a laptop and watched Netflix as we ate dinner. We did this for YEARS. When I finally got a TV, I realized I should have gotten one way earlier. While I typically prefer […]

How to Build a Budget

Knowing how to build a budget is a crucial step to financial success. Once you learn how, you can achieve financial goals like: Save money for big purchases (e.g. weddings, cars, houses) Pay off student loans, home payments, and credit card debt Create an emergency fund Invest for retirement … […]

Tracking and Growing Your Net Worth

Knowing your net worth answers a few juicy questions: Can you afford that beautiful house you spotted on Zillow? Are you on track for retirement? Can you quit your job and travel the world for a few years? Are you part of the 1%? Are you worth more than your […]

The psychology of trolls

Today we’re going to talk about something really important: The psychology of trolls. I know, I know. The internet’s rule is “Do not reply to trolls.” Yet I reply to every one, meaning I may have the most well-curated troll library on earth. Should I fund the Sethi Museum of […]

Highlights from my 15-year Stanford reunion

A few weeks ago, Cass and I flew to Stanford for my 15-year college reunion.  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ramit Sethi (@ramit) on Oct 27, 2019 at 10:12am PDT Going to Stanford was transformative for me. It taught me what excellence really is. I met […]

Should you wear shoes indoors? (No, and here’s why)

The New York Times wrote an entire piece called Should You Take Your Shoes Off at Home? They consulted several experts to discuss this great philosophical question. There’s just one problem. They forgot to ask one person: Ramit Sethi. Like all Indian people, I can give you the correct answer […]