Best Small Business Loans

I personally hate debt. Both in business and my personal life. That said, there’s a time and a place for it. Whether it’s for startup costs, equipment, expansion, refinancing, or just some help covering operating expenses, a loan at the right time can make all the difference. But there are […]

The Best Free Checking Accounts

Did you know that the average bank charges around $13 per month for a checking account? That’s insane. That’s almost $160 per year. Not to mention minimum balance fees, ATM fees, cashier’s check fees, debit card transaction fees, foreign transaction fees, and inactivity fees. Look, I’m not one to worry […]

The Best Cheap Car Insurance

Car insurance is typically the largest expense of owning a car. That means there’s room for big savings if we spend time getting the cost down. Saving $3 on gas by driving another 10 minutes isn’t worth it. Saving $300 every year from getting a better insurance quote one time […]

The Best Life Insurance Companies

If someone depends on you, I recommend getting a good life insurance policy. They’ll be taken care of no matter what happens. Not everyone needs life insurance. If you’re 20 years old and single, without any dependents—don’t worry about it. When should you get life insurance? Certain life events should […]

The Best Free Business Checking Accounts

Business checking accounts are similar to a personal checking account. The biggest differences to look for are: Fees Balance requirements Transaction limitations You don’t have to pay for an account if you know where to look. There are plenty of great free business checking accounts out there. And I’ve put […]

The Best Credit Card Signup Bonuses

The right signup bonus can easily pay for a round of international flights. You’ll usually have to hit a spending requirement, like spending $3,000 within 3 months on your new card. If you’re planning on a big purchase already, getting a new card at the same time could give you […]

The Best Cell Phone Plans

I’ve had a Verizon plan for years. Never actually tried another plan. My friends have given me endless grief over this. T-Mobile is cheaper! Look at what you can get with AT&T! But I hate having to worry about reception or data speeds. Or hidden fees. I want to pay […]

Education Tax Credits for 2020

The first year of college, I went to an extremely expensive school with $40K/year tuition. Then I transferred to an in-state school for $6K/year. One of the best decisions I ever made. That $40K school is now up to $55K/year and that’s just for tuition. If I was having kids […]

Comparing Roth IRA to Traditional IRA

A rich life doesn’t happen by chance. It does take some careful financial planning. It’s actually a lot easier that most people assume. Making a few key decisions once and then never worrying about them again can set you on the path to an easy retirement and a rich life, […]